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Doctor Who – The Two Doctors

I was born and raised in New Mexico, USA, and grew up during the ’80s and ’90s. In those days, American exposure to British television came primarily through late night broadcasts on local public broadcasters. In my case, this was … Continue reading

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Geeky News on the Web

This short post will give you a heads up on those geeky websites that I just can’t live without. As I browse the web for all things geeky, these are the sites that consistantly end up at the top of … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – The Pyramids of Mars

The honor of the first review of The French Fried Geek goes to the classic Doctor Who story “The Pyramids of Mars,” starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and Tom Baker as the Doctor. For many reasons this has … Continue reading

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Welcome to The French Fried Geek!

Hello! You have stumbled on the French Fried Geek, a place for random reviews and commentary on geeky, nerdy things. ¬†Along the way you may find links to things I find interesting, or at least not entirely boring. Things you … Continue reading

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