Geeky News on the Web

This short post will give you a heads up on those geeky websites that I just can’t live without. As I browse the web for all things geeky, these are the sites that consistantly end up at the top of my list!

Doctor Who: The single best source for Doctor Who news is, unsuprisingly, The editors of this site keep it up to dqte with the latest news in both new and classic Who, including casting notes, DVD and merchandise releases, exhibitions, and more. This is the place to go for the latest in Doctor Who.

Runner up: is a slightly more irreverent take on Doctor Who news. The blog also features reviews of the latest stories, as well as reviews of the DVD releases. Good stuff.

Runner up: I only discovered The Tardis Newsroom about a week ago, but it has already become a must-visit site. They aggregate news, videos, reviews, and more from multiple sites. Great site!

Star Trek: is hands-down the best site for the latest Star Trek information. Features include reviews of the Star Trek novel and comic book releases, information on the current happenings with Star Trek folks, interviews, and the occasional giveaway. Great site!

Runner up: – Ever have a question about any facet of Star Trek? Here is the place to ask it. This active forum has threads on the Movies, the shows, the games, the celebrities, and every other corner of the Star Trek universe. best of all, many of the authors of the current line of Star Trek novels frequent the board, and are very happy to interact with the fans.

Top Gear: – Top Gear production news, episode summaries and reviews, plus links to torrents for every episode of all 16 seasons, not that I encourage piracy! The active forum keeps fans informed on upcoming episodes, events, and Stig sightings. The best bit? The soundtrack listings for every moment of the show for when that musical clip gets stuck in your head!

Runner up: –  The official Top Gear site, full of power laps, video clips, and the Cool Wall. The Transmission blog, often written by the show’s producer, is worth a look.

So that’s where I start. I’ll be posting more links in the future, and please leave suggestions of other sites that are great for geeks!

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