Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It

So I was walking down the street listening to music on my iPod when the shuffle changed the song to one that I didn’t even realize I had. Perhaps many people would consider embarrassing but I started smiling and rocking out to while on my walk, and I probably replayed the song over and over about 10 times so it became irrevocably wedged in my brain.

What was it?

The theme to “The Powerpuff Girls.”

Do do dododo dooo do!

That's right, I embrace who I am.

That’s right. And you know what? It is great. As is the actual show, which is far more witty and entertaining than the average kid’s show.

It made me contemplate the embarassing music on my iPod, you know, the kind of music that you love listening to in private, or blasting at your house, but in the office you quickly hit “skip” on when it comes on, so that your coworkers don’t look at you like you are some sort of freak.

So I had decided to list all the songs on my iPod that I think are embarassing, but then I had a revelation as I scrolled through my playlists: I Love My Music. Not a damn thing on this iPod is worthy of shame. So instead, I will let you know the songs that are currently on my “Daily Listen” playlist, and perhaps a little story to go with each one. Check it out after the break!

  • “Wonder Why” by Julian Perretta – Those of you living in the United States have probably never heard this song, and I wish I knew why not. I moved to France abou 9 months ago. When I got here I knew next-to-no French. I would ride the buses, and the radios on the buses would inevitably be playing some french music, mixed with current American hits. but in the month of November the song constantly on the radio was “Wonder Why.” This thing was huge. I mean, EPIC. Every person in France was singing it, even though they don’t know English. It is just a fun song, and has “Summer Hit” written all over it. I hope Mr. Perretta gets his shot in the US, because I think ths song will be BIG.
  • “No Hay Nadie Como Tù” by Calle 13 – I work with a very multinational group of people. My coworkers are Brazilian, Greek, German, Argentinian, Italiah, and French. At a birthday party for my Italian Boss’ Peruvian wife I heard this song. Wow, it is just fantastic. I dare you to remain still while listening to it. If you can sit without tapping your feet or shaking your hips than you are a stronger person that I.
  • “Never Going Back Again” by Fleetwood Mac – So simple, so sweet. It makes me want to give up working, learn guitar, and spend the rest of my life plucking out sweet tunes in a small café somewhere.
  • “Rebecca” by Pat Mcgee – in 2001 I spent the summer working in Charlotte, north Carolina. While there some frineds took me to a concert to hear an up-and-coming group that was touring the east coast club circuit, just hoping to make their big break. That was when I heard Pat Mcgee. His songs are sweet, fun, light, and the perfect thing for a relaxing afternoon. Though he hasn’t made it huge (he ended up with Warner Brothers records, but didn’t score a hit), he still plays and tours, and still makes great music worth listening to.
  • “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It” by Will Smith – Honestly, is there somebody out there who doesn’t like this song? yeah, didn’t think so.

Ok, I think that is it for now. I sort of enjoyed doing this though, so in the future expect to see another rundown of songs you have no interest in! Au revoir!

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