Dell Venue 8 3000 – So Slow!

I’ve been playing with a Dell Venue 8 3000 for the past few weeks, and I have to be honest: If this is what all android tablets are like, then I’ll find something else, thanks. I have generally been an Apple person, using iPads/iPhones. But I hear many good things about android, and it looks intriguing, so I gave it a shot with this tablet.

Now, on the plus side, it has Netflix, Hulu Plus, and VLC, so there is little that I can’t watch or do. Plenty of games, etc. Nice marketplace. The downside is the OS. It’s running the latest version of KitKat, with Dell’s most recent firmware. And it is slow. SLOW. The keyboard takes a few seconds to come up, all web browsing is dog-slow, and in general it is just an unpleasant experience. I’m not saying that Apple stuff is perfect. In fact, I’m looking at a Windows tablet, all of which seem to run great. But this tablet is just bad. it’s a shame, because the hardware is nice. The screen is quite good, full HD in an 8″ tablet. But it is slow enough to send me back to my phone to surf the web or do anything, really. Such a shame.

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