Surface 3 On The Way!

I’ve been a part time Mac user since 2003, and a full time Mac user since 2007, when OSX went Intel, and I never looked back. OSX is so elegant, and stable, and iOS is simple, strong, and useful. I am committed to the Apple ecosystem, and use iTunes, iCloud, etc.

But today I succumbed to temptation, and ordered my first Windows-based product in over 12 years, the Surface 3. I was wooed by the beautiful hardware, great screen, and honestly the elegant interface, plus Windows 10 is the first Microsoft OS in years that has me truly excited about a different vision of computing, and the only way to experience it is to jump in head first.

My shiny new device arrives in a couple of days. I’ll be updating this blog over the next few weeks with my thoughts on the Surface 3, Win8, and Win10, and the experiece of using the combo tablet/laptop machine. It should be fun!

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2 Responses to Surface 3 On The Way!

  1. Rick Tibbitts says:

    Man I am so on the fence. I owned a SP2 and sold it about 4 months ago so I could get top dollar for it, planning to use those funds to buy the SP4. I had no idea the lag time to the SP4 was going to be so long and am frustrated Microsoft hasn’t said diddly squat about a release date. So debating on buying the SP3 tonight if Amazon has a decent deal on their “Prime Day”. If MS announces by July 29 the SP4 I can return the SP3, but boy will I be pissed if MS waits to announce after the 30 day return policy is up.

  2. Yeah, I definitely understand where you are coming from. I was so torn, but finally decided, heck with it, I will just do it. I mean, There will always be a newer product or better deal, but the whole time I’m agonizing over it, the less time I’m enjoying my shiny new toy!

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