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My wife and I have discovered a salon de thé in Grenoble, and we are hooked: It is called Jardin de Thé, and it is home to some mighty tasty teas. I have really fallen for the St. Sylvestre, a … Continue reading

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Let me talk to you about one of the things I miss most about living in America: Breakfast. French breakfast is different. Very different. The average French breakfast consists of a croissant and an espresso. Maybe a pain aux chocolate … Continue reading

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Anyone Out There?

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually reading the crap that I write. And then I get distracted by pretty much anything else. In this case, I have been distracted by a fantastic song that I discovered this weekend. It … Continue reading

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Of Fathers and Smartphones

My dad fell in love with Angry Birds this past weekend. See, until now, he has been fervently anti-smartphone. For my Dad the best phone is one that can make and receive calls, and that is it. A year or … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi in Paris

Have you ever been in Paris and run out of comic books, or just had to have the newest Batman action figure? Well worry no more! This weekend I discovered Album, a Parisian store dedicated to sci-fi and comics. The … Continue reading

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Welcome to The French Fried Geek!

Hello! You have stumbled on the French Fried Geek, a place for random reviews and commentary on geeky, nerdy things.  Along the way you may find links to things I find interesting, or at least not entirely boring. Things you … Continue reading

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